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copy cat fixed gear companies WTF! City Bikes…

copy cat fixed gear companies WTF!

Okay it’s no surprise that with companies like Leader Bikes doing great in frame/bike sales right now, companies want to compete. In the past 2 years I’ve seen a surge in new companies popping up making aluminum bikes with aero tubing. Most of the companies make decent bikes, but this is just down right low (no pun intended). This new company city just straight ripped off the LOW logo on their new bike, this is straight bullshit and anyone who supports this company should have their bikes ran over by a car. Not really but, get this cheap generic crap out of here, the fixed gear market is already saturated enough. This is what they straight up stole, it’s not hard to tell. Don’t ride the coat-tails of another companies success make your own. Image and video hosting by TinyPic