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Fixed Gear Freestlye, Short but sick.

Fun little session from the WolfDrawn dudes. I love the film style of this session. Sick riding too, if you have a bike now is the time to get off the internet and go ride.


BombTrack Urban Fixed Downhill

”Urban Fixed DH” – Latvia, Grizinkalns. from Urban Fixed DH on Vimeo.

Yo this is so sick, a downhill urban course. I would do one of these in a heart beat, they need to start organizing these and promoting these in the states.

Knog Kabana Review

Knog Kabana Review

Knog is an Australian company that’s know for innovation and bright flashy colors. That’s not to say that their products are fashion over form though. They launched in 2003 with their classic silicone lights, that came in a bunch of sick colors.

Knog is now expanding their product line to include cycling clothing, locks, bags, tools and their bread and butter lights. They only started producing locks within the past few years, but the offerings they have available are all you need to keep your bike safe with peace of mind.

The lock i’m going to be talking about today is the Kabana. Now what does this lock do best besides giving your girlfriend a few lashings? Or putting it down your pants and pretending you have a big….nevermind. But in all seriousness this lock does what it’s supposed to and does it very well. This isn’t the traditional cable lock that you need a separate padlock, it’s a cable and padlock all in 1. It’s 17mm in diameter and has a 10mm steel cable inside.

I would use this lock by itself a in a low crime area, it’s 50 out of 100 on their scale. If you pair this lock with one of their U locks, that’s basically as secure as your bikes going to get. I’ve been using this lock to make quick runs into the store to grab drinks and other stuff and it’s been holding up great. I pull it out of my bag or unwrap it from my bike tubes and lock up my bike in under 10 seconds, super easy.

This lock fits very easily into a bag, it’s not too heavy, at a little over 1 pound. They sell an additional accessory called the strap on. It basically connects the Kabana or Kransky to your bicycles tubes and keeps it out of the way. If I didn’t have my bag with me, I would just unlock it, figure 8 it when it was unlocked and wrap it around the front of my toptubes. It stayed there and out of the way the whole ride.

I don’t do a rating system or anything like that. I just get a product use it, and give my opinion. Yeah it’s not as secure as a U lock but it’s not supposed to be. Research and know what your buying. If you live in a bad area buy a knog u lock and cable lock and your set. Props to knog!

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R.E. Load bags started in 1998, they’re a company based out of Philadelphia. They are a very trusted company among bike messengers always deliver top quality materials and craftsmanship. These guy’s are the real deal, they can be pricey but you get what you pay for. They have countless color options and accessory pockets that can be added.


I own the civilian size, and all I can say is that I’m very impressed at how well this bag has preformed in every type of situation. Over stuffing it and hauling ass through the rain, only to get home and have everything be completely dry is a great and trusted feeling.


I always bring a hoodie, change of clothes, phone charger, lock, drink, and my camera. It fits all these things with tons of room to spare. I can only imagine what the largest size bag they have can fit. The great thing is that when you over stuff the bag you can extend the front clips on the bag and everything will stay in, though you lose some of the waterproofing when you do this,


The bag has a few different strap options, the one I have and many others. (It’s their most popular strap) Is the 215 strap, you basically pull 1 ring to tighten and the other loop to loosen, so you can make adjustments on the fly, or get the bag off and on very quickly.

The bag features 2 outside velcro pockets that fit a 4×9 u lock comfortably. The pockets are closed by industrial grade velcro. The inside compartment is huge, it also has velcro with a separate pocket with pen holders. I haven’t had a time where I couldn’t fit and organize all of my stuff.

Overall this bag is a great investment for someone who is in college, or a hardcore bike messenger. I can see this bag lasting for a very long time. If and when it does wear out I will definitely be purchasing another. Be on the look out for more reviews soon. If there is any product you wish to see me review just let me know.





Word Is Bond Premiere

Word Is Bond Premiere

This is going to be one of the best videos ever since the fgfs movement has come out. I’m not on the west coast but i’m super hyped for it to come to dvd. If you’re in San Jose or San Fran you have to go check this out when it premieres,

Can’t fool the youth 3

I’m seriously so excited to see this new video. All these dudes are top notch riders, it’s so crazy to see how FGFS has evolved in the past 6 years. This video’s going to be a straight banger. Cop up when it comes out, I’m most excited for Steven Jenson and J Balls parts.

copy cat fixed gear companies WTF! City Bikes…

copy cat fixed gear companies WTF!

Okay it’s no surprise that with companies like Leader Bikes doing great in frame/bike sales right now, companies want to compete. In the past 2 years I’ve seen a surge in new companies popping up making aluminum bikes with aero tubing. Most of the companies make decent bikes, but this is just down right low (no pun intended). This new company city just straight ripped off the LOW logo on their new bike, this is straight bullshit and anyone who supports this company should have their bikes ran over by a car. Not really but, get this cheap generic crap out of here, the fixed gear market is already saturated enough. This is what they straight up stole, it’s not hard to tell. Don’t ride the coat-tails of another companies success make your own. Image and video hosting by TinyPic