Month: May 2014


R.E. Load bags started in 1998, they’re a company based out of Philadelphia. They are a very trusted company among bike messengers always deliver top quality materials and craftsmanship. These guy’s are the real deal, they can be pricey but you get what you pay for. They have countless color options and accessory pockets that can be added.


I own the civilian size, and all I can say is that I’m very impressed at how well this bag has preformed in every type of situation. Over stuffing it and hauling ass through the rain, only to get home and have everything be completely dry is a great and trusted feeling.


I always bring a hoodie, change of clothes, phone charger, lock, drink, and my camera. It fits all these things with tons of room to spare. I can only imagine what the largest size bag they have can fit. The great thing is that when you over stuff the bag you can extend the front clips on the bag and everything will stay in, though you lose some of the waterproofing when you do this,


The bag has a few different strap options, the one I have and many others. (It’s their most popular strap) Is the 215 strap, you basically pull 1 ring to tighten and the other loop to loosen, so you can make adjustments on the fly, or get the bag off and on very quickly.

The bag features 2 outside velcro pockets that fit a 4×9 u lock comfortably. The pockets are closed by industrial grade velcro. The inside compartment is huge, it also has velcro with a separate pocket with pen holders. I haven’t had a time where I couldn’t fit and organize all of my stuff.

Overall this bag is a great investment for someone who is in college, or a hardcore bike messenger. I can see this bag lasting for a very long time. If and when it does wear out I will definitely be purchasing another. Be on the look out for more reviews soon. If there is any product you wish to see me review just let me know.